Are you looking for some extra storage in your backyard or patio? Do you need a convenient place outdoors to store some of your cushions, pool supplies, dining supplies, and everything in between? Well, look no further because we think we have the perfect piece for you! Check out our top 5 uses for a wicker storage box below.

Cushion Storage
Wicker storage boxes are the perfect place to store cushions, pillows, blankets, and any other items that are used with your patio furniture. These storage boxes are great because they can help keep your outdoor area tidy and also keep your extra throw pillows and blankets out of sight whenever they are not in use. A wicker storage box can also be a good option when you want to protect your cushions from the elements. Cushions and pillows can easily be thrown into the storage box and retrieved when you want to use them again.

A wicker storage box can also be used as a table when you are in need of some extra space. It can be used as a dessert table for sweets and treats or even as a drinks table. These storage boxes could act as a console table when you are in desperate need of some room for your lighter items like appetizers, snacks, cutlery, and plates.

Pool Supplies
If you have a pool in your backyard, a wicker storage box could be a great place to store some of those pool supplies. Whether you need room for towels, sunscreen, or noodles, a storage box could keep them in a safe place ready for you to use.

Dining Supplies
During patio season, there will be lots of outdoor dining and entertaining. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen with storage space it could be helpful to keep your cutlery, glasses, plates, spare napkins, and table clothes in a wicker storage box. This can make outdoor entertaining a breeze as all you have to do is take out your dining supplies from your wicker box and prepare your table.

Lastly, a wicker storage box could be great for storing miscellaneous items that you may need throughout the patio season. This could be a first aid kit, portable speakers, and board games. By having this extra storage for whatever you want could help make entertaining your guests that much easier.

A wicker storage box that is water resistant and has an aluminum frame could be a great addition to your outdoor space. If you are looking for some extra storage shop CABANACOAST® today!