How to Weatherproof Patio Furniture

Inclement weather can cause major problems to a backyard and patio. This is why it is crucial that you weatherproof your patio furniture to prevent any damage. We have provided a few tips below on how to weatherproof your outdoor furniture:

Clean Regularly
Cleaning your patio furniture on a regular basis is extremely important. By thoroughly cleaning your patio furniture a couple times a year and tidying up in between, will help keep your outdoor furniture pieces in tip-top shape. Cleaning your furniture prevents debris, dust, and other items from building up and damaging your patio furniture.

Invest in Covers
We want to stress how important covers really are. They should not be considered just an expense but an investment. They will help keep your patio furniture looking its best as they do a great job at protecting it from the elements. Covers are available in all shapes and sizes so there is no excuse not to have one. Covers will help prevent damage from bird droppings, fallen debris, sun, rain, and winter weather.

Store Cushions Indoors
We strongly recommend storing your patio furniture cushions inside during the winter months. This will give your cushions that extra bit of protection from the harsh weather that is to come. Storing your cushions indoors will also protect them from animals making homes in them.

Drain Your Furniture
Even if you cannot store your outdoor furniture indoors or in your garage, make sure that all water has been drained from your furniture to prevent frame cracking when the temperature goes below zero. To do this make sure you store your patio furniture in an upright position, as there are drain holes in the aluminum.

Overhead Coverage
If you prefer not to cover your patio furniture on a regular basis during peak season overhead coverage or wind protection is a good idea. If you are looking for something permanent, we suggest adding a retractable awning, a pergola with a canopy, or some trees. A sheltered spot is not only great for adding some privacy but also at protecting against wind and dust.

Buy High-Quality
Lastly, buying high-quality furniture is another way that can help it stand up to the elements and last longer. Selecting high-quality furniture that also fits your budget will benefit you in the long run as your patio furniture will not need to be replaced every year or so. Resin wicker, cast aluminum, and stainless steel are durable materials that do not weather easily.

If you are looking to purchase items that can help weatherproof your patio furniture, shop CABANACOAST® today!