There are many fresh ways to use your outdoor space as the cooler temperatures roll in. The weather today is the time when the crisp, fall foliage transforms your backyard into 50 shades of gold. We share some light to clear your end-of-summer blues, and stretch your fun on your very own outdoor space.

Patio Furniture

Modern patio furniture with outdoor cushions is elegantly designed to give you the utmost comfort, just like your indoor furniture–soft and snug. Add layers and keep comfortable. Throw fuzzy outdoor blankets and an outdoor rug, if you wish, to create a warm and welcoming touch.

It is advised to store your outdoor cushions inside when the weather is bad. Read more on how to keep your outdoor cushions in great shape all year round.


Having a framework gives advantages for your outdoor space. The surrounding framework not only gives your patio furniture a grand look. The framework allows you to install screens or outdoor curtains, which offers privacy, protection from cool blows of breeze in the winter, shade in the summer and gives your view. Retractable flyscreens are also a versatile way to keep insects away and enjoy your outdoor space. Make sure your outdoor curtains are a safe distance away from any open flames!


Outdoor fire pits provide a beautiful ambiance and keeps everyone warm and comfortable. The right outdoor fire pit will welcome you to your outdoor space despite the cooler temperatures. The patio tabletop designs come in a variety of colours that can easily be matched with your patio furniture and decorations. Adding an outdoor fire pit creates a relaxing space.

Outdoor Kitchen

For those who love to cook and entertain, take it to the next level by having an outdoor BBQ grill, pizza oven, bar or kitchen. Cooking on your patio keeps the smells outside and expands your living space. Warm food, hot drinks, and fun activities are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and encourage more quality time to be on your outdoor space and breathe fresh air.


Decor is an instant mood-setter. While days will be short and flowers have faded, gold lights and pumpkins are great to decorate. More outdoor cushions and blankets with complimenting colours of your patio furniture give the warm invitation to your family and guests.

Cover It

When snow is approaching, make sure you cover your great investments. Store your outdoor cushions inside, if possible, and keep everything else protected until the next year.


We hope you have the ultimate patio experience during this autumn!

Photo featured is a submission of the lucky winner’s Venice Outdoor Fire Pit from our #FireItUp contest! Be sure to follow our Instagram page for details about this image and to keep tabs on our next contest!