Using Outdoor Furniture Inside

Moving some of your outdoor patio furniture pieces indoors for the season could be a good idea. Although not all pieces can always be incorporated inside, there are a number of pieces that can easily be integrated into a living room, sun room, dining room, mudroom, or basement. Check out our top 4 picks for patio furniture pieces you can use inside below:

Tea Carts
Tea carts can easily be integrated into an indoor space as they are extremely versatile and don’t take up too much room. Add a tea cart to your living room or dining room to help make drink creation that much easier. This is a convenient place, as much of your hosting in the winter will take part in these two rooms. A fully loaded bar cart could also be put to good use in your kitchen or entryway. This way it will encourage guests to help themselves as it can easily be located right when they arrive or when they are looking for a drink in the kitchen.

Throw Pillows
Throw pillows from your outdoor patio furniture can be used inside for your living room, family room, or basement couches, chairs, and any other furniture pieces. The great thing about using outdoor throw pillows inside is due to the high-quality fabric they are stain and water resistant. If you have any messy kids running around these pillows are perfect. Also because of their size and weight, no heavy lifting will be involved when the pillows are transferred from outside to inside.

Outdoor poufs can help create a cozy indoor family room, living room, or basement. Poufs are available in round, square, or rectangle sizes meaning they can be used in a variety of different spaces. The best thing about poufs is that you can mix and match them by having different fabrics, sizes, and shapes.

Although a bench is larger than the items previously mentioned, an outdoor bench could look great in an indoor space. Cast aluminum benches can fit into an indoor space with ease. Adding it to the entryway or mudroom will provide some much needed extra seating or storage during the winter months.

It can be so easy to incorporate patio furniture pieces indoors, while still having your interior spaces look amazing. We do not recommend moving the entire high-end patio set inside without coordinating it to that space. If you are looking to add some outdoor patio furniture pieces to your indoor space, shop CABANACOAST® today.