Unique Patio Furniture Pieces

There are many unique patio furniture pieces that you can add to your outdoor space that would look great in your backyard or patio. These pieces are not only beautifully designed but functional. We have compiled a list of 4 items to add to your patio furniture shopping list!

Storage Box

One piece that not only looks great but can make things easier for tidying up would be a patio furniture accessories storage box. This piece would be an excellent addition to your outdoor furniture set because it can easily store your pillows and cushions. There are multiple sizes available to give you lots of room and storage options. Even if you do not wish to store your pillows and cushions in the storage box, it can be used to store outdoor toys for the little ones or other outdoor accessories.

Console Table

An outdoor console table would be a wonderful addition to your patio furniture set. We recommend this piece because of its versatility and its convenience. It can be used to set up a drink table, dessert table, salad bar, buffet, or even for outdoor decorations like plants and flowers. Many styles and materials are available however, we suggest either a cast aluminum console table or a high-quality outdoor wicker console table. Since both these materials are made with an aluminum frame they are very durable and weather resistant.

Party Cooler

A party cooler can give your space that extra edge that you are looking for. This unique patio furniture piece is great for outdoor gatherings big and small. These updated party coolers make it easy for you and your guest to quickly grab a cold and refreshing drink without missing out on the conversation. A wicker party cooler made with a stainless steel basin is just what your next outdoor gathering needs.

Tea Cart

Lastly, adding a tea cart to your outdoor space can not only be beneficial but will look terrific. Whether you want to use it in combination with a console table or alone it can serve many different functions. Like a console table, it can be used as a drink table, food table, or for outdoor decorations however many tea carts have wheels which make it perfect to bring out when the time is right. There are a variety of options, so whether you prefer a modern or classic looking tea cart, there will be something for you.

If you are looking to add any of these unique patio furniture pieces to your outdoor space, shop CABANACOAST® at one of your local retailers today!