Outdoor DaybedMost people look forward to their summer vacation and enjoy every holiday minute soaking in the sun, tanning by the pool, or relaxing in the evening with friends.  It’s not that difficult to recreate that wonderful, relaxing, “holiday,” feel in your own backyard. Take a look at your patio to determine what kind of simple changes you can make to give your space a resort feel.  Here are some of our top suggestions for turning your backyard into a luxurious and exotic resort that you can enjoy all summer long:

Flourishing flowers, trees, and plants can transform your backyard into a private Garden of Eden.  Grouping plants together that have the same color (color blocking) is more eye-catching than medleys of color.

Simple steps or raised platforms can make a sitting area feel cozy.  Particularly with a view, a slight elevation can enhance the “resort” feel.

Effective outside lighting can heighten the exotic resort look of your backyard.  Stay away from bright floodlights, and opt for softer lighting instead.  Underwater lighting in your pool can also be a great addition for those late-night swims!

A Luxurious Outdoor Daybed
An outdoor daybed can successfully complete your backyard exotic resort.  If much of your outdoor time will be spent lounging around the pool reclining on daybeds or deck chairs, why not give your seating an upgrade?  Outdoor daybeds are the perfect place to rest after a swim, read a book, or take a nap.  Whether you use it as a bed or sofa, daybeds provide a comfy spot for friends and family to rest. They come in a variety of designs and colors that will compliment your outdoor style.

Wicker daybeds are weather-resistant, durable, and lightweight.  Secured with rust-resistant aluminum frames, wicker daybeds are far more comfortable than metal patio furniture.  Luxury daybeds come in a wide variety of contemporary styles and include custom Sunbrella cushions, pillows, and canopies insuring they are long-lasting and water, mold, mildew, fade, and stain resistant.  As an outdoor daybed canopy, Sunbrella fabrics provide up to 98% UV protection.  Outdoor daybeds are designed to withstand severe weather conditions including rain, snow, or intense sunlight.  Every component is weatherproof.

Looking for an island getaway?  After work or school, your body, mind, and soul need to be rejuvenated.  What better way than to step outside into your own exotic resort?  Contact Cabana Coast today for an outdoor daybed retailer near you.