Wicker Patio Furniture

There is a number of different materials one could consider when buying patio furniture. Wicker patio furniture could be just the thing you need to update your outdoor space. Read on to see the top 10 reasons we think wicker patio furniture could be best for you!

1. It’s Great for the Outdoors
Some may hold the false notion, that wicker patio furniture is not made for the outdoors. However, high quality resin wicker that is hand woven onto a powder-coated aluminum frame, is specifically engineered for outdoor use and is relatively lightweight.

2. Durable
Since high quality wicker is non-fading and extremely durable, it can stand up to the elements for years. No matter the weather you can count on your wicker furniture to continue to look in tip top shape.

3. It Has Great Resistance
The hand crafted fibers are highly resistant to mildew, fading, sagging, staining, tearing, rust, and cracking. What’s not to love about that?

4. Pool Side? No Problem
High end wicker can also be used while sitting by a pool. This type of resin wicker furniture will not have problems with surface oxidation or peeling.

5. Minor Upkeep
High quality wicker patio furniture requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean. Maintenance includes using a dry, clean cloth to dust your furniture weekly to keep its shine and using a hose to spray off any dirt or debris. Once you wipe the furniture dry with a soft cloth your wicker furniture will look as good as new.

6. Just Keep It Covered
It is important to protect your outdoor wicker furniture with covers during the winter season for warranty . Covering your patio furniture in the Winter can help prolong its life, however it is not necessary to cover your wicker furniture all the time during the Summer.

7. Bugs Are Not a Problem
Since it is resin wicker, bugs will not destroy the material, so you will not have to worry about replacing your wicker patio furniture pieces.

8. Lots of Choices
Gone are the days when you could only buy one classic looking wicker patio furniture set. In addition to the classic designs you have modern and fashion-forward designs as well. You are now able to mix and match pieces to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

9. Versatile
High quality wicker can be used for many different types of social gatherings due to the number of different pieces available. Whether you are looking for a dining set or conversational pieces, you can always find something with wicker furniture.

10. Stylish and High End
When high quality wicker furniture is beautifully designed, it will provide you with a high class look. The modern designs will create an outdoor space that your friends and family will love!

CabanaCoast® wicker patio furniture is beautiful and weather resistant. Email us today or go to our store locator tab if you are interested in purchasing some of our high quality wicker patio furniture.