It’s that time of year again where the temperature heats up and the sun is always shining. If you are one that loves throwing outdoor parties check out our top tips below:

1. Spread the Word
This can be done a few ways whether you want to send out a mass email, mail invitations, or even through text. No matter your method of delivery you should make sure that you include where and when and any other important information such as the party’s theme.

2. Recruit Help
Remember you don’t have to plan the party all alone. Get your spouse, close friend, or family member to help with the smaller things as this will take a few tasks off your plate.

3. Have Enough Seats
If you are having a formal dinner party make sure your dining table is ready to go and that you have enough seats. Stackable chairs and extending tables are great for larger parties. If you are having a more casual party, patio accessories like poufs can be used for chairs.

4. Respect Your Neighbors
Depending on your backyard or patio noise can travel easily which could create some angry neighbors. Your neighbors would probably appreciate a warning before the party so they can expect a noisier night. Also make sure that you are aware of the time, as you don’t want to plan any games or loud activities well into the night.

5. Stock Up
Stock up on food, drinks, ice, napkins, cutlery, and anything else you may think you might need. More is always better as you don’t want to run out of any food or drinks while the party is still in full swing. If you are short on storage, party coolers are great for keeping ice and drinks cold while coffee tables and side tables can create some extra room for appetizers.

6. Set Up Games
One of the best things about having an outdoor party in the summer is that you can plan some backyard games that will entertain your guests. Depending on the size of your backyard or patio you could easily set up a badminton net, lawn bowling, or a giant game of Jenga. Even if you have a smaller space why not play Pictionary or trivia?

7. Gather Around the Fire Pit
Lastly, once the night is winding down gather your friends and family around the fire pit to have some dessert and light conversation before the party ends for the night. Fire pits can also create a cozy nook for those who prefer a more quiet and relaxed evening.

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