Are you looking for ways to improve your patio or backyard? Check out 10 ways you can take your space to the next level below:

1. Clean Up
The best way to get your patio summer ready is to make sure it is clean. Make sure all debris from the winter is cleared, chipped paint is fixed, and patio furniture is washed.

2. Try Some Landscaping
Once your deck is prepped and your patio furniture cleaned, it is important to think about landscaping. By planting beautiful flower beds and a vegetable garden can create a relaxing and green filled space.

3. Musical Elements
Adding a few musical elements like wind chimes or a fountain to your backyard or patio could help create a Zen outdoor space. Imagine a subtle breeze swaying your wind chimes as you relax on your comfy outdoor sofa.

4. Add a Fire Pit
Fire pits may be one of our favorite patio furniture pieces as they help create a sophisticated and cozy outdoor space. They can be great for those chilly summer nights and can be used well into spring and fall.

5. Go for a Swim
There is nothing better than relaxing on your patio in a luxurious lounge chair and enjoying the sun, except maybe jumping into a swimming pool to cool off. Although pools can be lots of hard work to maintain, they will make your patio the place to be this summer.

6. Get Cooking
An outdoor kitchen is another great way to improve your deck or patio, so whether you want to create a full built-in kitchen or prefer to use patio furniture pieces such as a bar table and a barbecue, both are good options.

7. Coordination is Key
Not only should you try and coordinate your cushion color to your pillow color, but also coordinate your patio furniture to your landscape and exterior of your home. Try to keep a cohesive look as it will help your space look its best.

8. Consider Climate
Climate can affect the type of patio furniture you choose and the color fabric you select. For example, if you live in an extremely warm climate you may want to choose something that is lighter in color that will reflect light so it does not heat up so quickly.

9. Choose the view.
Creating a view of nature is one of the crucial elements of a beautiful outdoor space. A fire pit can also be a nice addition as a focal point.

10. Create boundaries.
A backyard or patio can also be thought of as a large outdoor room. Try to find creative ways to define boundaries of your outdoor area to create more useable space. For example, create a dining area on your deck and a reading nook in a leafy corner of your backyard.

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