Outdoor Spring Party

Spring is here and the best way to celebrate is to host an outdoor Spring party. This may be your first chance to show off your patio furniture this season. Although the weather is still warming up, your patio furniture should not be neglected. Here are a few tips to help you get started on planning an outdoor Spring party:

1. Prep your Outdoor Space
This is an obvious step but before any type of get together or party can occur you must make sure that your patio furniture is uncovered or brought out from storage. A simple cleaning will get your outdoor furniture back in tip top shape. Also, it is important to do a quick clean up of any leftover debris from the Winter and Fall.

2. Take Advantage of Spring
Spring gives you the chance to reintroducing the vibrant and pastel colors that have been forgotten in Fall and Winter. Have fun while decorating your outdoor table for your Spring Party by adding bright table settings paired with fresh floral arrangements. Include pops of color, whether it is with placemats, glasses, plates, or napkins. We also suggest adding colored pillows to your sofa, loveseat, sectional, or dining patio furniture set.

3. Ditch the Heavy Foods
Springtime parties are all about the lighter and sweeter foods and appetizers. If you are planning a brunch we recommend having a selection of teas, biscuits, and pastries. If you would like to have your gathering in the mid-afternoon we suggest making salads, cheese boards, fruits and desserts.

4. Heat it Up
Although it is Spring, the weather can still be unpredictable which means you should be prepared for weather changes. To protect yourself and guests against the cooler Spring temperatures we suggest having your fire pit ready to go. This would give guests an option to sit by the fire in comfortable patio furniture while they sip on drinks and enjoy the conversation.

5. Be Fully Stocked
Lastly, we suggest bringing out a tea cart, party cooler, or console table to store all your food and beverages. If you are planning a bunch you can keep all your tea and coffee options on a tea cart or console table. If you are planning your gathering for a little later in the day and prefer colder drinks, a party cooler under an open umbrella will keep them cool and ready to consume. These patio furniture accessory options provide you with convenience so you do not have to constantly go inside and miss the festivities.

If you are looking to purchase some patio furniture or outdoor accessories for your upcoming Springtime soirée shop CABANACOAST® today!