A propane and natural gas fire pit tables are a must-have feature for your outdoor space. It combines the benefits of a conventional dining or coffee table with the warmth of a fire pit. There are a variety of fire pit tables on market, which can make your task of choosing the right propane and natural gas fire pit table somewhat challenging. Here are Cabana Coast’s tips for choosing the right one for your patio:

  • Size Fire pit tables offer a wealth of possibilities as far as size goes. The size usually varies between 42”and 58”. The height of the table is also important as you need to make a choice that will be most suitable for your outdoor seating too. For sofas, you may need a shorter version, while for dining chairs you may require the taller version of the fire pit table.
  • Shape – Depending on your actual space, you can select a more spacious propane or natural gas fire pit table that can seat many or a cozy, smaller outdoor fire pit to create an intimate feel. As far as shape goes, your options are rectangular, square, or round fire pit tables. Round fire pit tables are best suited for open spaces. When your options are limited by space requirements, you should choose a rectangular or square table to maximize space.
  • Materials – A propane fire pit table is typically produced of cast aluminum with stainless steel burner, several glass options, and a variety of frame finishes. The choice is yours for the finishes and glass, so you can customize your fire pit table to suit your existing decor. You also should consider the material of the top of the actual table that may be made of cast aluminum in different finishes or stone, such as granite. They all look amazing but your personal preferences will have a great influence on your decision.
  • How Much Table and How Much Fire Pit? – Some fire pit tables have a larger table space with a smaller fire pit, while others provide a smaller table space and a larger fire pit. When you are considering purchasing a propane or natural gas fire pit table, make sure that you take into account the ratio between the table and the fire pit and also consider which function you will use more.

Whichever fire pit table you choose, make sure you put quality first, since you are not making a short-term investment. A propane or natural gas fire pit table can be used all year around and needs to withstand both the test of time and the test of fashion. Quality in labor, technology, and materials ensures a long lasting life of your purchase. Browse our selection of outdoor fire pits online to find the perfect table for you.