Restaurant Patio Furniture

With patio season upon us, it is crucial that restaurants have their patio ready and furniture purchased. But what do you look for when buying restaurant patio furniture? We have created a list to make the task that much easier for you!

1. Materials Matter
Since patio furniture will most likely be kept outside the entire Summer, it is extremely important that good materials are purchased. Restaurant patio furniture has to endure lots of wear and tear and many different people are constantly sitting in it and moving it. We recommend purchasing SolWeave® outdoor wicker or powder-coated aluminum. Both these materials are water and weather resistant and very durable.

2. Easy Storage
When patio furniture is not being used you want to make sure that it can easily be stored away. One of the most important things when looking at restaurant patio furniture is if it is stackable. This will make things much easier on the restaurant as the furniture can be put away with ease and can be moved around when different events occur.

3. Perfect for Dining
When purchasing restaurant patio furniture you want to make sure that it is made to endure the wear and tear of constant eating and quick turnover. It is important that you purchase a table that is made for glasses to be put on so they will not slide around too much or stick. Since the Summer can be a very busy time for restaurant patios, it is also important to purchase a table that is easy to clean. This way you can quickly have the table ready for the next customer.

4. Size
Since there are so many different options for restaurant patio furniture it is important that you choose the pieces that will best fit your space and style. If you are purchasing lots of patio furniture and want to fit as many tables and chairs into that space we suggest going for a smaller and sleeker style. However if you are looking for larger pieces they are also available as well in wicker and cast aluminum.

6. Cost
Cost can be very important to restaurant owners as they want to get the best quality for the best price. However, it is important to not sacrifice one for the other. This is why it is essential to know the materials that the patio furniture is made of because better quality can save you money in the long term.

If you are looking to purchase restaurant patio furniture, shop CABANACOAST® today!