Outdoor Living SpaceChoosing the right outdoor furniture is a big challenge, but arranging the furniture you’ve purchased in your outdoor living spaces can be an even greater challenge. Placing furniture in a way that it blends in with your patio and with nature without looking and feeling overbearing is definitely a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you when you are faced with such a job:

    • If you are attempting to arrange furniture in outdoor living spaces that have clear boundaries, such as a patio, you have to consider several factors. Do you want to sit in direct sunlight? Do you want the furniture to face the pool or any particular area of your garden? How should the furniture be oriented as far as the main house is concerned? Do you want to see your guests arriving from your patio? These are just some of the questions that you may have to answer if you are about to arrange furniture in a patio.
    • If you are looking to arrange patio furniture by your poolside, you should be aware that comfort and functionality are just as important in this situation. Therefore, you need to consider a safe distance from the pool when arranging your chaise lounges in addition to the aesthetic factors. If you plan to have a dining set by the pool, try not to have any of the chairs backing on to the pool for safety reasons. Arrange the table so that it is positioned diagonally to the pool and not parallel or perpendicular to the pool.
    • Playing with colors is also a challenge when arranging furniture in outdoor living spaces. It is better to group different pieces of furniture by color groups so that you have larger but clearly determined spots of colors in key points on the patio, by the pool, in the garden, etc. When you have larger spaces, it is easier to arrange things harmoniously but when your space is smaller, color arrangement becomes more important.

If arranged carefully, the outdoor rooms you create will look great, feel comfortable, and will be perfect to share with family and friends. Outdoor rooms can be an extension of your home, and just like indoors, can be filled with beautiful patio furniture and accessories.