Teak Patio FurnitureTeak is a tropical hardwood that has been used for years to produce magnificent pieces of indoor and outdoor furniture. A yellowish-brown timber, teak has a good grain texture, which is a unique aspect that has made teak patio furniture famous across the world. As people are growing increasingly aware of the importance of preserving tropical woods, outdoor furniture manufactures have started to seek solutions to achieve the look of teak patio furniture without the need for cutting down trees. As a result, they have added the look of teak with cast aluminum and have created magnificent outdoor furniture that is both beautiful and durable.

Cast aluminum has many benefits when it is used to create outdoor furniture. The manufacturing method facilitates detailing in casting in a way that it is impossible to achieve with any other material. This is what allows leading manufacturers to produce cast aluminum furniture that looks just like teak patio furniture. The great advantage is that cast aluminum is a lot more durable and lightweight than traditional teak, which are two essential characteristics of practical outdoor furniture. It is a fact that outdoor furniture gets carried around a lot, which would be a challenge with heavy hardwood furniture.

Cast aluminum furniture can withstand any weather conditions. It maintains its good looks whether it is freezing outside or the sun is shining. It performs exceptionally well even in extreme weather conditions with the only requirement of covering it up when not in use. With the latest developments in the field, the natural durability and weather resistance of cast aluminum is enhanced and improved through powder coating. This amazing durability and sturdiness combined with the light weight and teak look make this type of cast aluminum furniture ideal for any outdoor space, no matter what climate you live in.

Since most people are busy, they often look for outdoor furniture that is easy to care for and does not require huge amounts of work. Cast aluminum is again ideal. Washing the furniture with a mild soap and water solution is often enough. Of course, regular cleaning is essential for optimal maintenance and hosing down the pieces every now and then will only maintain its original luster longer. Most importantly, you will continue to have the look of a teak patio furniture without sacrificing durability, lightweight, and, easy maintenance.

So if you are in love with the look of teak patio furniture, you don’t have to give it up because of the exorbitant costs or because of your ecological concerns. You can still enjoy that fine and luxurious teak look but also benefit from the durability and versatility of cast aluminum outdoor furniture. It is not a compromise but an improvement. CabanaCoast understands that you want the best of both worlds, so we’ve developed a line of gorgeous and functional cast aluminum teak furniture for you to enjoy.