LunaDSGroupSummer is finally upon us!  The harsh winter days and chilly spring nights will soon give way to a spectacular summer that will be filled with fun, friends, and good times.

As you ready your home for this great season, make sure you’ve got your patio furniture ready to go too.  Check out this tips list to get your outdoor space in shape right away!

  • Protect Yourself from the Elements.  There are some accessories that are meant to help you make the most of your summer time by keeping you safely protected from the sun and all of its harsh rays while still allowing you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the summer season.  Items such as umbrellas will help keep the hot temperatures at bay, keep your skin safe, and protect the refined beauty of your patio furniture without losing face on the style and fashion front.
  • Cover Your Seat.  Patio furniture covers are extremely useful, and they help protect your investment so you’re not constantly spending money on new furniture items every time the warmer seasons roll around.  Cover your garden benches, tables, and chairs when they’re not in use to protect them from sun, wind, and rain damage that can cause irreparable harm more quickly than you might realize.  Covers absorb the elements much better than the furniture would alone, which allows for each piece of patio furniture to enjoy a longer, more useful life.
  • Accessorize Your Space.  A great get-together can be done with one or one hundred people.  The number of attendees doesn’t matter; it’s the atmosphere and personalities that make the difference.  If you’re planning for the warmer days ahead, look for accessories that can help you maximize your outdoor space and keep efficiency at a maximum so fun and relaxation can be had by all.

Start with the comfort factor.  Employ the use of cushions and pillows to create a seating environment that can sustain several hours of stories and laughter.  Add to that a garbage bin made of the same material as your furniture; it only makes sense to stay congruent when you’re talking about fashion.  Wicker garbage bins are meant to take the trash out with a style and function that is underwhelming and overachieving because it fits in perfectly with the style and layout of the existing environment.  Add in other elements like coolers and carts to keep the party going, no matter what’s going on at the time.

  • Seek out Storage.  Looking for a way to keep blankets and hoodies on hand for those chilly evenings?  Need extra bar space to hold a few extra cocktail concoctions?  Patio furniture isn’t comprised solely of seats and benches, although those are a major part of the equation.  Store extra blankets in outdoor ottomans and buy an extra end table or two to hold the additional drinks.  Patio planters make perfect places to create botanical art, but if you’re feeling really creative, you can turn them into storage spaces that can hold all kinds of things.

When it comes to making the most of your patio furniture, there are dozens of ways to maximize your outdoor space and make your patio, balcony, or garden perfect.

Need help finding quality patio furniture that suits your style and needs?  At CabanaCoast, we’re proud to offer a little something for everybody.  We welcome you to browse our selection, and let us know if you have any questions!