Summer is here… finally! So now is as good a time as any to get into some of the luxury patio furniture trends that should be part of the backyard scene this summer.  Since the patio can act as a complete outdoor living area that is more or less an extension of your home’s interior, this is some choice information.  Of course, what’s going to be the “in thing” depends on what source you’re using for your information, but here are some of our favorite trends for this summer. 

patio-furniture-trendsStackable Patio Chairs

If you have one of those patio areas that require clearing out after each gathering due to space issues, this trend may be right for you.  Stackable patio chairs are generally lightweight and work perfectly for smaller yards because you can easily store them away when they aren’t being used.

Outdoor Rugs

To really transform the outdoor patio area into an extension of the interior, outdoor rugs are a great choice.  An outdoor rug helps to bring the whole outdoor scene together, adds a measure of warmth and defines the seating area for guests.  You can find outdoor rugs in virtually every size and shape under the sun, so they can work no matter how big or small your patio area happens to be.

Deep Seating Furniture

Deep seating furniture like  loveseats and couches really make an outdoor space look like a ‘living space’ and they will likely continue to grow in popularity this summer.  The living room is usually the most comfortable place to gather inside the home, so bringing that comfort outside in the summer only makes sense.

Motion Seating

Staying with the ‘comfy’ trend, motion seating like rockers and swivel chairs will also be featured on a good many patios this summer.  These chairs are being designed with plush cushions with colours that can match up with just about any design style.  Swivel dining & bar charis are another great way to provide motion to the stylish patio this summer.

What About the Stripes?

As for the stripes or solids, let your own preference and style sense help guide the way.  You’re bound to run into some very attractive pieces and cushions in both stripes and solids, so as long as it is line with your overall design scheme, follow your heart and you’ll always make the right choice.

What are your favorite patio trends for this summer? Let us know below. If you’re looking for the perfect custom patio furniture, try out our new customization tool to design your own unique outdoor furniture.