ColumbiaDSGroupEven though outdoor furniture is made to stand up to the weather, taking care of it and storing outdoor furniture during the colder months when it’s not in use will go a long way to protecting your investment.


The first thing you need to do when it’s time for storing outdoor furniture is to clean it off.  Dirt and debris can cause damage and attract pests so cleaning is necessary to make sure the furniture is still in great shape when you take it out again.  Any mold, mildew or rust should be dealt with immediately to avoid potentially ruining your furniture or cushions.

No matter what kind of furniture you have you will want to start by removing any dust, pollen, spider webs or other debris that may be on your furniture with a dry cloth or a dusting brush and vacuum cleaner.  Umbrellas should be cleaned too.  If cushions can be removed, remove them and clean separately.  If the foam can be removed from the covers, remove it before cleaning the covers.

Most types of outdoor furniture can be cleaned with mild soap and water.  Wood requires special treatment.  Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.  Make sure everything is completely dry before storing your outdoor furniture.


In areas that have harsh winter weather, outdoor furniture should be stored indoors if possible, to keep it in the best possible condition.  Basements, garages, sheds or storage units are all good choices.

Before storing outdoor furniture, you should cover it.  Custom covers are best since they will fit and protect better.  But a cover that fits multiple sizes or a tarp can work too.  This will keep your furniture clean even if it is stored indoors.

Furniture should remain upright in storage as there are often drain holes strategically placed on the frames.  Umbrellas should be folded and covered too.  Cushions should be removed if possible and stored in a plastic storage bin or a storage bag that is waterproof.  Plastic furniture should absolutely be stored indoors, as cold temperatures can make it brittle.

If your furniture has to be stored outside, clean and prepare it the same way.  Covers are absolutely essential for outdoor storage.  Move furniture to a covered area to further protect it from the weather.  Cushions should be stored separately indoors.

Properly storing outdoor furniture will protect your investment and keep it looking its best for years to come.  Cabana Coast has a large selection of the highest quality outdoor furniture to make your outdoor living area look amazing.  Browse our website and see how our products can fit in with any style or décor to create exactly the atmosphere you want.