Do you want your patio furniture to look beautiful for years to come? If so, check out our top 10 easy maintenance tips below!

1. Read Care Instructions
After you have purchased your patio furniture make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the care instructions for your wicker, aluminum, and stainless steel set so you do not use any unsuitable products that may cause damage.

2. Regular Light Cleaning
Light cleaning on your wicker, aluminum, or stainless steel patio furniture should be done on a regular basis. To maintain the furniture’s luster, use a dry and clean cloth to dust your furniture on a weekly basis.

3. Use a Gentle Cleanser
To clean wicker furniture, spray off any dirt or debris with a hose, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. For aluminum furniture, we suggest washing your furniture with a mild liquid soap such as car wash soap. Lastly, we also recommend that stainless steel is cleaned regularly with water and mild soap.

4. Avoid Harsh Treatments
Do not power wash or use chlorine bleach, pine oil, or abrasive cleansers unless directed as this could damage the furniture. Always test new solutions on a hidden area.

5. Manage Mold
Although most patio furniture is resistant to mildew and mold growth, regular cleaning will prevent any type of build up. Try to avoid letting water build up and stand on the surface of your patio furniture and cushions.

6. Use Covers
Patio furniture covers are a patio essential when looking to protect your furniture and keep it looking as good as new. There are multiple sizes available and custom options are possible as well.

7. Maintain the Furniture
High-quality patio furniture is meant to be extremely durable however if tearing or cracking does occur make sure you repair it immediately and do not use your patio furniture until it has been repaired to prevent further damage.

8. Think Ahead
Before you invest in high-quality patio furniture, make sure you are willing to put in some extra time and effort to maintain your furniture. However if you do not feel you have the time, consider hiring someone who can take care of all your backyard and patio needs.

9. Fabric Care
Sunbrella and Tempotest fabrics are stain and UV resistant fabric that is solution dyed. This high-quality fabric should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt accumulate and become embedded in the fabric. Simply brush off any loose dirt and clean with warm water and mild natural soap.

10. Storage
If possible we suggest storing any patio furniture items you can indoors. This will prevent any exposure to the elements. However, if you are unable to store your patio furniture inside we strongly recommend putting your cushion indoors as harsh winter conditions could take a toll on them.

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