Sunbrella has a long history of providing fashionable, durable, weather resistant, and comfortable fabric for a variety of applications, from outdoor patio furniture to marine tops and interiors. Sunbrella fabric is recognized for their exquisite quality in every respect, from texture to colors. Sunbrella is considered the pioneer of performance fabrics and continues to maintain its leading position by furnishing high end outdoor furniture. But why is Sunbrella fabric the best on the market, and why does CabanaCoast choose Sunbrella fabric for our furniture?

 Sunbrella Fabrics

1. Durability – the Sunbrella fabric is the result of many years of research and experimentation devoted to discovering the most durable materials to be used in heavy outdoor conditions. The Sunbrella fabric used to dress cushions, pillows, and outdoor furniture is a derivate of the marine and awning fabrics known for their heavy duty resistance. Therefore, Sunbrella fabric is not only mechanically resistant, but it is also weather and UV resistant, which makes it last for years on end.

2. Style – the patterns, textures, and colors are unique when it comes to Sunbrella fabric. The gorgeous design of this fabric plays a major role in why it is the preferred choice for high end outdoor furniture. Sunbrella is without a doubt the perfect choice of fabric no matter the style of the furniture, classic, contemporary, or luxury. The variety of patterns, solids, and strips stimulates the imagination and enhances the creation of some of the most exclusive designs.

3. Comfortable – Beauty is what attracts the eye, but comfort is what makes the client feel good. Therefore, the Sunbrella fabric is a combination of beauty and comfort with a soft feel, perfect to smooth the transition from inside to outside. The solution-dyed fabric provides a great pliability in terms of touch and feel, which makes Sunbrella fabric a great choice for comfortable outdoor furniture in this respect.

4. Versatility – Perhaps this is the greatest benefit of Sunbrella fabric. It is a great choice for all outdoor furniture and accessories from cushions and accent pillows, umbrellas and daybeds. Plus, the collection of colors is again impressive including a wide variety for all color families from beige to red and purple. The Sunbrella fabric also comes in a plethora of patterns: circles, leaves, tweeds, diamonds, and so much more.

5. Easy Maintenance – One of the greatest advantages of Sunbrella fabric is that it is easy to clean. Solution-dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with a mixture of water and mild soap without removing it from the piece. Of course, stains must be cleaned regularly so that dirt is not allowed to comfortably sit in the fabric.

Sunbrella fabric looks great on any outdoor piece from upholstery to pillows. It feels wonderful and can be cleaned without hassle. The colors remain bright years on end while the fabric is both weather and sun resistant. What could you ask more from fabric used for outdoor furniture? Take a look at Cabana Coast’s Sunbrella fabric collection and customize your perfect patio furniture today!