2017 is underway and warmer weather is quickly approaching. Although we are still a couple months away from official patio furniture season, now is the ideal time to start your research and place your order. Check out our top 5 reasons why you should purchase patio furniture before summer begins below!

1. Supply and Demand
Although this may be common knowledge, once summer arrives everyone is going out and looking to buy patio furniture. Since everyone will be looking at the same time it will take longer for your order to be ready and for your products to be in stock. When you are looking at furniture in late February or early March this means that you will not only beat the crowds but also get your furniture right in time for patio season.

2. First Pick
One of the biggest advantages of ordering earlier in the season is that you get first pick of everything. This means that you will get the collection you want, in the finish you want, with the fabric you want without having to wait for items to be in stock.

3. Memorial Day/Victoria Day Effect
In the US Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer and in Canada, Victoria Day is the unofficial start of summer. This means that by the end of May you will want to have your patio furniture picked out, ordered, and delivered if you want to make the most of summer. Waiting until May to order your furniture could be risky as things may be out of stock or delayed.

4. Take Advantage of Spring
Although, you may not be lucky enough to get an early spring, depending on the year and what city you live in it may be possible. One of the benefits of purchasing your patio furniture early is that you can take full advantage of warm spring days. You can utilize your outdoor space more by having your patio furniture ready in case of warm weather.

5. Get the Most out of Summer
It is easy to forget that the patio furniture process from start to finish can take longer than anticipated. Shopping for something like patio furniture where you are investing a lot of money is not easy and will take time. Also, since most homeowners want custom cushions, you have to allow at least two weeks for them to be made with your specific fabric color.

Don’t wait until May to order your patio furniture, instead shop CABANACOAST today!