Patio Season Copy


With the warmer weather quickly approaching, this means that patio season is right around the corner. Patio furniture can be a great addition to any outdoor space because of its functionality, durability, and variety of style and design options. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the upcoming patio season:

1. Research and Purchase

If you haven’t already purchased beautiful patio furniture for your outdoor oasis, now is the time to start! It is never too early to begin designing your outdoor space by doing some research on a new patio set. It is important to research the perfect style and highest quality furniture that fits your budget. There are many different options when it comes to patio furniture such as wicker, extruded and cast aluminum, stainless steel, and teak. Make sure to plan ahead as you will want your new patio furniture in time for upcoming social gatherings!

2. Spruce up Your Space

If you already have your favourite patio furniture, adding a few more pieces or decorative items to your space could enhance the look. If you have the space for larger items, try adding a new fire pit, coffee table, or outdoor pouf or bench. If your outdoor area is smaller, try adding some decorative pillows, a party cooler, or planters filled with fragrant blooms. Simple changes can have a big effect!

3. Seasonal Maintenance

Before you begin to use your patio furniture it is best to make sure your outdoor space is in top condition. No one wants to sit in an area that has been damaged or dirtied over the Winter. Getting your outdoor space ready for Summer can take some time but it will be well worth it! Spring maintenance can include raking fallen plants or leaves, pruning plants, planting flowers or power-washing your patio or deck surface.

4. Uncover or Remove Furniture from Storage

The last step to prepare for the patio season is to either uncover or bring out your patio furniture from storage. Whether you need to take out only a few older pieces to go with your newly purchased set or your full set from last year, making sure your patio furniture is ready for guests when the warm weather hits is essential. Once uncovered or removed from storage, your furniture will need a good cleaning before it is ready to use.

If you consider these tips, you will be ready for the upcoming patio season in no time. If you are looking to purchase a new patio set or add to your existing set, visit the CABANACOAST® store locator tab on our website to find your local retailer today!