Poolside Patio Furniture

Don’t you just love those Summer days where you are able to sit back and relax by the pool? We sure do. But have you ever wished your outdoor oasis was a little bit more comfortable? We have put together a list of 5 Poolside Patio Furniture Ideas that can turn your space into everything you ever imagined.

1. Outdoor Daybeds
Outdoor daybeds are perfect for around the pool as they are both comfy and functional. They are available in both round and square sizes and some even have a built-in canopy that can provide shade on those hot Summer days. Unlike chaise lounges they can fit more than one person. So If you want to share the daybed with a friend or your family or just want the extra room to stretch out, we suggest purchasing a daybed.

2. Cabana Daybed
Outdoor daybeds are great but if you are working with a larger space adding a cabana could make it look even better. Available in aluminum, the outdoor cabana uses a flowing canopy to create shade and a modern look. Adding a cabana daybed to your outdoor sanctuary may make you never want to leave.

3. Chaise Lounges
Like outdoor daybeds, chaise lounges also look great beside a pool. They are available in cast aluminum, wicker, and stainless steel and come in many different styles. Unlike outdoor daybeds, they only fit a single person however when purchasing multiple they will allow you to relax with your friends and family by the pool.

4. Storage Wedge Table
A storage wedge table is a must have by the pool. It can be used to store your clean pool towels to save you from the hassle of going into the house. They can also be used to store blankets and throw pillows to provide some extra comfort on your daybeds or lounges. These storage wedge tables can also be used as end pieces of a sectional, talk about multi-use!

5. Party Cooler
Lastly, we suggest adding a party cooler to your outdoor space because no Summer pool party is complete without a refreshing beverage just inches away. A wicker party cooler with a stainless steel basin filled up with ice will keep your drinks cool for hours and can conveniently be located  right beside your favorite lounge chair or daybed.

Do any of these poolside patio furniture ideas interest you? If so, head to your local dealer and shop CABANACOAST® today!