Pedestal Table Patio Furniture

There are a number of different ways that pedestal tables can be used for creating a beautiful outdoor space. These unique patio furniture pieces are very versatile and can really dress up a patio or backyard. Here is our list of three different types of pedestal tables and their possible uses.

Pedestal Table

A pedestal table can be used as a dining table or as a table to keep food when your guests come over. The shade will provide the perfect coverage for food and it is a nice way to add some extra space for whatever you need.

Pedestal Coffee Table

One unique way to use a pedestal coffee table is to add an umbrella and make it a child’s play area. This will give a child their own space where they are able to reach the table and use it to play with their toys or as an outdoor arts and crafts table. Another option would be to use the table as a children’s dining area. If you are used to having younger guests for dinner or for social gatherings in the summer we suggest using a pedestal coffee table for the kids. The height of the table will be much more comfortable for the children and will give them their own table away from the adults. An umbrella would complete the space as it would provide the table with shade and some seclusion. Another way to use a pedestal table would be to add an umbrella and place it in between two lounge chairs. This will add an area to keep your food, drinks, books, and other items under the shade of an umbrella while you get to relax in the sun on your lounge chair.

Pedestal Bar Table

One way to use a pedestal bar table would be to place it off to the side of the patio and use it as an accent piece. By adding an umbrella it can create some shade for you and your guests while they are enjoying their food or drinks. These pedestal bar tables can be used to create dimension and also to provide more bar height seating for you and your guests.

One great thing about pedestal tables is that you do not need to purchase a separate umbrella base. This also means that an umbrella will fit perfectly into the table. If you think a pedestal table would be a perfect addition to your outdoor space and patio furniture set, shop CABANACOAST® today!