No one likes a backyard or patio without some shade, especially during those hot summer months. The easiest way to create shade is to purchase a patio umbrella. If you are looking for a market patio umbrella, commercial patio umbrella, or a cantilever check out our patio umbrella buyers’ guide below for some tips!

Market and Commercial Patio Umbrellas
One popular feature to look for in umbrellas is whether it is able to tilt which helps to maximize the shade coverage. The 9’ft and 11’ft patio umbrellas have an auto tilt. The 8’ft by 11’ft patio umbrella is not able to tilt due to its size. Auto tilt works once the umbrella is fully open by continuing to use the crank to start the tilt feature. Button tilt works by pushing a button to tilt the umbrella.

Please see below for which size of umbrella is best suited for each table size:
7’ft Square or Round Patio Umbrella: 48″ – 42″ round patio table
9’ft Round Patio Umbrella: 60″ – 54″ patio table, 72″ rectangle patio table
8’ft by 11’ft Rectangle Patio Umbrella: 118″ rectangle patio table, 84″ rectangle patio table, 72″ rectangle patio table

Since commercial patio umbrellas are used on a more frequent basis they need to be very durable. Therefore the 7’ft and 9’ft commercial patio umbrellas do not tilt and also do not have a crank; instead, they are secured in the open position by a pin lock. The umbrella poles are also designed to be one solid piece.

Cantilever Patio Umbrellas
When shopping for a high-end cantilever patio umbrella, look for one that comes with wheels and can rotate 360°, this will make it much easier for you to move it around depending on where the sun is. Also, it is a good idea to purchase one where you can adjust the angle of the canopy to provide maximum shade coverage. Once you know which umbrella is best suited for you, you can decide on a fabric color to compliment your patio furniture cushions.

Patio Umbrella Bases
If the umbrella will be used with a table then a base that is about 40 – 60 lbs will be suitable however if the umbrella will be exposed to the wind, go with a heavier base, 70- 90 lbs. It is recommended to keep the umbrella closed on windy days. Free standing umbrellas should be used with a base that is over 90lbs. When used commercially the umbrella base should be over 90lb, although over 120lb would be best.

If you are looking to buy a market, commercial, or cantilever patio umbrella, shop CABANACOAST® today!