Are you looking to purchase a party cooler but aren’t sure how much you will use it? Well, do not fear we have come up with 5 ways you can use your outdoor party cooler during summer below!

1. Ice
One way to use your newly purchased patio party cooler is for ice. It is a great idea to have a separate ice supply for drinks as it is a cleaner and more organized option. Instead of your guests just grabbing ice for their drinks with their bare hands you can put out some salad tongs where they can use that instead.

2. Decorations
Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July, Canada Day, or even your child’s birthday, party coolers could be a great way to incorporate decorations into your backyard or patio. We suggest adding some flags for the 4th of July or some balloons for a birthday party. Lastly, if you are looking to brighten up your outdoor space we recommend adding some string lights into the party cooler as it will help create some unique lighting as the sun goes down and will be a great decor piece.

3. Drinks
The most common use for a party cooler is storage for drinks, whether it is bottles or cans. Party coolers are great if you do not have enough space in your fridge for drinks but want them to stay cold. Due to the stainless steel basin, drinks will be kept cold for hours when filled with ice. Adding some water to the ice will help the drinks cool down faster and give you the opportunity to fit more drinks in the party cooler.

4. Food
Another way you could use your party cooler would be adding food items like fruit, cheese, or desserts. Since party coolers can easily accommodate ice, it will help keep certain foods cool while saving room on your main dining table.

5. Flowers
Lastly, bouquets of flowers or floating flowers in a party cooler could be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. A fresh bouquet of flowers can really brighten up a deck or patio and is so easy to add. If you would rather have a floating flower display you can pour some water in the stainless steel basin and place the tops of flowers in it. If you are entertaining at night as well, add some candles to complete the decoration.

If you are interested in purchasing a party cooler, patio accessories, or patio furniture, visit your local dealer and shop CABANACOAST® today!