Outdoor Winter Party

Looking to throw a winter party? Why not bundle up and take the party outside. Throwing an outdoor gathering may be just what you need to get through the winter months. Check out our 7 tips below to help you prepare for hosting an outdoor winter party.

Gather Around the Fire
An outdoor fire pit is a great way to enjoy the snowy outdoors while staying warm. It is the perfect focal point for any winter party. A round, square, or rectangular fire pit would look great in any outdoor space. Make sure you have provided enough seating around the fire pit as guests will most likely be gathered there.

Serve Easy to Eat Hot Food
Since you will be spending most of your time outdoors for your winter party it is best that you serve food that is hot and easy to eat for your guests. When it is cold out no one will feel like eating only cold food. Also, it is important to serve food that is easy to eat as many will want to keep their winter attire, like mittens and scarves on, while they dig in. Some delicious and hot food ideas include chili, slider style hamburgers, and a steaming soup and panini combo.

Simple Cold Drinks
One of the benefits to having a winter get-together is that you do not need to worry about prepping coolers full of ice. The below freezing temperatures will keep your beverages cold. Use one of your patio coolers from the summer and add some soft snow and you will be all ready for your guests.

Keeping Warm
Giving your guests options on how to stay warm during your outdoor party is a must. Make sure to put out blankets and pillows to help make your guests feel cozy. Have scarves, mittens, and hats ready for those who need extra layers. Lastly, have that fire pit on full blast!

Set the Scene
One of the reasons to throw an outdoor winter party is to take advantage of the beautiful snowy landscape. Incorporate winter into your party by adding snowshoes and sleds for decoration, bake some winter-inspired cookies like snowflakes and snowmen, and create an informal table setting using pine cones and evergreen.

Add Some Light
Since it gets dark in winter much earlier than other seasons, it is important to add some lighting. A fire pit is a good way to provide some light but we also recommend adding some candles, lamps, lanterns, and string lights to help light a path or brighten darker spaces.

Warn Your Guests
This may be the most important tip for throwing an outdoor winter party. Even though to some it may be obvious make sure that you let your guests know that the party is going to be outdoors. This will help your guests dress properly and come prepared so they can fully enjoy the party.

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