Outdoor teak furniture is rapidly becoming a popular solution for decorating a backyard or patio in Canada. However, outdoor teak furniture can be extremely expensive to purchase and maintain. There are alternatives like cast aluminum that look just like teak furniture, but while still being able to resist the elements.

The big problem with teak is that it is even difficult to maintain indoors in a temperature and humidity controlled environment; teak is an oily wood, which needs to be oiled up regularly. Teak oil costs get expensive overtime and the solution must be gently worked into the wood with patience. Sometimes, it can take hours to finish treating teak furniture. Many home and business owners don’t have the extra time required to care for their teak furniture. Though outdoor teak furniture is very popular, many individuals quickly regret their purchase when their soft to the touch outdoor patio tables and chairs start to peel away into sharp and dry splinters. Fortunately, there is an alternative that looks great, feels nice, and doesn’t deteriorate in bad weather conditions.

What are the Alternatives?

Top patio furniture companies like CabanaCoast® offer a wide variety of cast aluminum furniture with a faux wooden teak appearance and all the same durability benefits that come with being made of aluminum. When combined with weather proof cushions, or ultra-soft removable pillows for a luxury touch, aluminum furniture can look so convincingly like teak that you need to touch it before you can tell the difference. While looking like beautiful teak wood, aluminum furniture also enjoys these benefits:

  1. Durable enough to last the test of time: teak styled aluminum is a great purchase when you’re looking to buy patio furniture that doesn’t need to be replaced for many years.
  2. Aluminum is very light. Rather than throwing out your back lugging around heavy wooden tables and chairs, aluminum made to look like outdoor teak furniture can easily be shifted around for reorienting a group of tables, or storing outdoor furniture during the winter months.
  3. Unfortunately wood furniture, especially well-oiled teak, is a favourite meal of a host vermin from termites to woodpeckers. Aluminum is inorganic, and won’t become home to wood worms or termites.

Where Can I Get Teak Outdoor Furniture Without The Hassle?

 CabanaCoast® has a wide line of outdoor patio furniture sets that look exactly like teak, while still enjoying the wide variety of benefits that come from utilizing aluminum over genuine wood. Feel free to contact us with questions about what styles and customization options are available.