Setting the perfect table for an outdoor gathering can be a lot of hard work and requires some planning. To help make the process easier we have provided our top 5 tips on how to set the perfect outdoor table below!

Use Vibrant Colors
Vibrant colors, especially during summer, are a must. Bright, vibrant colors can help make your table come alive and will get lots of attention from your guests. Summer is the perfect time to play with new colors and mix and match your favorites. From the drinking glasses to the cushions, vibrant colors can be easily incorporated.

Add Some Greenery
Adding some greenery to your outdoor table is an easy way to create an appealing table setting. The best part is that it can be put together in a matter of minutes. Placing ferns or an assortment of herbs can add a beautiful green color and some functionally to the center of your table. If your table is tight on space why not add a magnolia leaf to the center of each guests’ plate.

Create Levels
When setting a table for an outdoor gathering, it is best to create some levels with the items on your dining table as it adds some dimension. If everything is at the same level it can look boring and will not be appealing to your guests. We suggest stacking two different size plates on top of one another or a bowl on top of a plate depending on your menu. We also recommend having two glasses, one that is shorter such as a stemless wine glass and a taller glass such as a champagne glass.

To create a unique looking outdoor table setting, why not add different colors and textures for your tablecloth and napkins. When colors and patterns are layered together, it can create a completely new look that may be hard to replicate. Your guests will love the creativity and thought that has been added to your patio furniture.

Try New Combinations
Instead of the standard table setting, we have a few ideas to help mix it up a bit. Instead of setting your cutlery on either side of your place setting try it in the center by rolling the cutlery and a few fresh flowers in a cloth napkin. If you don’t want to mix your silverware with flowers why not create a flower bowl or small bouquet to put in the center of your guests’ plate.

If you are planning an outdoor gathering this patio season, use the above tips to help create the perfect outdoor patio and shop CABANACOAST® patio furniture today!