Christmas Decoration Ideas

It is officially that time again where the Christmas decorations go up. Christmas is the favorite time of year for many and one reason is because of all the beautiful decorations that one can add to an outdoor space. To give you some inspiration we have provided 10 Outdoor Holiday Decoration Ideas below:

1. Lights, lights, and more lights
Although we don’t want you to go overboard, Christmas is the time to take out your sparkly string lights and add them to your front porch and exterior of your home. Add in some garland to complete the look.

2. Deck the Porch
There are many ways that one can create a Christmas inspired porch. You may want your porch to look full of Christmas cheer or opt for a neutral winter display. To help create these looks we recommend bringing your patio furniture from your backyard to your front outdoor space.

3. Add Some Evergreens
Evergreens can create a simple but beautiful outdoor porch or patio area. You can put them in a basket, planter, or arranged on a table. Add in some pine cones, cranberries, and other holiday decor to finish it off.

4. Red
Red is the color of Christmas and to help incorporate it into your outdoor porch and doorway we suggest adding some poinsettia blooms, red outdoor pillows, and a red plaid blanket draped over a dining chair.

5. Glowing Walkway
Adding candles or lanterns along the walkway up to the front door of your house will help visitors find their way and also look great. Add in some pine cones, holly, berries, and evergreen so they look great in daylight as well.

6. Garland Arch
A garland arch above your door, entrance to your walkway, or opening to your porch is a great way to add some holiday decor. The best part about garland is that it can be kept out the entire winter season.

7. Outdoor Tree
Decorate a tree on your front lawn with outdoor lights and ornaments. Alternatively, if you have a screened in porch incorporate a fully decorated Christmas tree than can be enjoyed from both indoors and out.

8. Holiday Bench
An outdoor bench with a Christmas makeover is just what your porch needs this season. Include greenery, ornaments, fake snow, throw blankets, and outdoor pillows to give it that warm and cozy feeling.

9. Decorated Window
Try extending the Christmas decorations to your front windows as well. Wreaths, festive bows, or string lights will help get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

10. Christmas Pillows
Why not update the outdoor cushions on your porch to fit in with your winter or Christmas display? Depending on the rest of your decor, try blue, red, green, or even wintery white pillows.

If you are looking for some benches, tables, or pillows to add to your outdoor Christmas display shop, CABANACOAST® today!