Summer Entertaining Tips

Without a doubt, Summer is the best season to host outdoor gatherings. The weather is almost always perfect and the different types of parties one can host is endless. To minimize the party planning stress check out our outdoor entertaining tips for Summer below.

1. Plan it Out
Getting ready for a party can be stressful but it is important to get organized. You should decide on the guest list, menu, and theme as soon as possible so you will not feel overwhelmed.

2. Have Enough Seats
It is important that you have enough seats for your guests especially if you are planning on serving more than just drinks and appetizers. Easily add poufs or ottomans to create extra seating.

3.Keep the Lights on
Even though the sun sets much later in the Summer you still want to provide enough lighting for your guests. We suggest lighting up your fire pit as it will not only look great but provide some much-needed light.

4. Use Decorations
Using holiday lights as decorations are not only great for extra light but are a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. Make sure that when you purchase or make decorations that you don’t go overboard and stick to one theme.

5. Get the Grill Ready
Like many, patio season means BBQ weather. If you are planning on barbecuing food for your outdoor gathering it is imperative that your BBQ is clean and ready to go hours in advance of your party.

6. Keep Bugs Away
No one wants bugs to ruin an outdoor gathering so we suggest getting rid of any standing water, light some citronella candles, and plant some herbs that will repel mosquitoes.

7. Don’t forget the music
It is always nice to have music playing in the background during an outdoor event. We suggest making a playlist for a minimum of 6 hours and keeping the volume at a reasonable level so guests are still able to take part in the conversation.

8. Keep it Kid Friendly
If kids will be attending your outdoor gathering make sure there are activities to keep them busy. Have some outdoor games ready and make sure you have kid-friendly food and drinks.

9. Keep it Cool
It can get very hot during Summer so make sure your umbrella is open and ready to provide shade and your bar or tea cart is fully stocked with refreshing beverages to keep your guests cool.

10. Control the mess
It is important that you have your garbage bins out and ready for your guests to dispose of any of their trash. This will prevent the area from looking messy and make for an easier clean up.

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