Chorus SQ Daybed GroupWhen decorating your patio or outdoor area the question of outdoor daybed or chaise lounge is one that is sure to come up. Each piece of furniture is a fine addition to any home. However, when choosing between an outdoor daybed and a chaise lounge, it pays to know more about each piece of furniture. While both are well worth the money, the true value is in what you plan to use them for. As with many purchases it shouldn’t be made for its own sake but to fulfill a defined need or purpose. To assist in that decision here is a brief description of both and what each does best. When you’re done reading the question of outdoor daybed or chaise lounge should be an easy one to answer.   

Outdoor Daybed

An outdoor daybed can come in a wide variety of designs. The standard model is much like a small bed with room for two people. Other design variances include rounded beds and beds with sides that resemble a loveseat. The best use of an outdoor bed is if you want to lay down outside and simply take in the weather. While some models (such as the loveseat design) have backs on them for sitting, the primary use of an outdoor daybed is laying down. An outdoor daybed is also useful if you want space for more than one person as chaise lounges are designed for single person use. Daybeds are also useful if you want to make use of pillows or sheets to fully recreate a sleeping experience.     

Chaise Lounge

In a general sense, a chaise lounge is a leaned back chair with space to put your feet up. They are ideal if you want to relax outdoors but also want back support or the ability to sit up. This makes a chaise lounge ideal if you’re looking to relax but want to do other activities such as reading or using a tablet. Some models comes with arm rests to further facilitate such activities and others are designed to be cushion-free making them ideal for sunbathing. Chaise lounges are also designed for only one person to use, which is something to keep in mind. Much like daybeds, those with cushioning come in a wide variety of colors and designs.     

Outdoor Daybed Chaise Lounge: A Direct Comparison

In summation you can’t go wrong with either purchase as long as you know what it is you’re buying. A daybed is perfect for sleeping, resting and overall relaxation in the great outdoors plus you can get models made for two people if you want the option to cuddle up while you relax outdoors. In comparison chaise lounges are single use and can be used for relaxation and are more suited for mental activities such as reading or outdoor activities such as sunbathing.  

Now that you’ve been properly informed on the differences between outdoor daybeds and chaise lounges you should be ready to make your choice. The next question is who from? Put Cabana Coast at the top of your potential seller list. We’ve been serving customers in the United States and Canada for several years now and have customers in both businesses and private homes. To view our wide selection of products you can check out our catalog complete with high quality photographs. If you have any questions about any products feel free to email or call at your earliest convenience!