Outdoor Patio Bar

A patio bar can be a perfect addition to an outdoor space. It can make a backyard or patio more functional, fun, and provides the opportunity to host different events. But how do you get started? Below we have included three tips that can help you create a beautiful outdoor patio furniture bar.

1. Evaluate Your Space
The first step when considering to add a bar to your outdoor space is to take a look at the area you have to work with. If you have a smaller outdoor area you may want to keep things simple and add smaller patio furniture pieces. You may want to install a built in bar top or purchase a bar table, but whatever you choose do not go overboard. Adding a few high-quality key pieces such as a bar table and a couple of bar stools would look great. This would not overwhelm the space but will give you a modern looking bar to host all your social gatherings. However if you have a larger space we suggest adding a couple of different pieces. In addition to selecting the perfect bar table with bar stools, we recommend adding a couple of bonus tables and chairs of similar or smaller height. This gives your guests the option to sit in multiple places, but the higher tables will still create a bar atmosphere.

2. Accessorize
No outdoor bar is complete without a few patio furniture accessories. Try adding a party cooler or two to store drinks and a moveable tea cart that can go to and from the bar. We also suggest adding some pillows to brighten up a space and that will help make it extra comfortable for you and your guests. In addition, try adding some plants and beautiful bouquets of flowers. It may also be convenient to have a small fridge outside for more storage and so you do not have to worry about constantly going indoors .

3. Stock Up
One thing that is extremely important when setting up a patio bar is that you are fully stocked. This means that you should have lots of ice, glasses, and a variety of drinks. If you are planning on serving alcohol to your guests, make sure you have a selection of alcoholic beverages for different tastes and occasions. An assortment of juices and sodas is also necessary to create tasty drinks. Also, make sure there are non-alcoholic drink choices, as some guests may not want to drink and your younger guests need options as well.

These above three tips will help you create a stunning outdoor patio bar. If you are looking to purchase a new patio furniture bar set shop CABANACOAST® by visiting your local dealer today!