Are you someone that loves to entertain outdoors? Do you have a big social circle? If so, a space saving, durable extending table may be for you. No matter how much you prepare for entertaining sometimes unforeseen events occur. Whether it is an unexpected spill or extra guests who turn up, these situations can cause some unwanted stress. Check out 3 reasons why we think extending tables could be a great addition to an outdoor space.

Space Saver
One of the biggest benefits of extending tables is that they can save on space. If you are short on space on your patio or deck an extending table may be the answer. Even if the table is a little snug when it is fully extended, the size can be decreased once your party is over or when you are entertaining a smaller group. With these tables you can really maximize your space during gatherings with your friends and family and the best part is the table can go back to the smaller size when you are not entertaining. Another advantage when it comes to extending tables is that if you ever decide to move to a new home you will have the option of a larger table or a smaller table that will fit your new space.

You Have A Big Social Circle
Another reason why an extending table may be for you is because you have a large social circle. Whether you have lots of friends or family, you somehow can never fit all of them at your standard dining table. Since most of the time it will be just your own family, this smaller number of people can look awfully odd at such a large table. However, with an extending table, you can get just the right dimensions for both.

You Love To Entertain
If you are someone who loves to entertain and is practically planning a gathering at your home every weekend in the summer, an extending table could be a smart purchase. The great thing about extending tables is that it can help you prepare for the unexpected. Not only are extending tables good for large groups but they are also good for those guests that forgot to RSVP but showed up anyways. Entertaining can be stressful, especially for large groups, so an extending table can help alleviate some of the stress.

If you are someone who likes to entertain, has a big social circle, or is looking for a space-saving patio dining table, then shop CABANACOAST® today!