You have your treasured patio lounge chair. Maybe you are thinking of buying a new patio lounge chair like the Dune Swivel Glider or Rosedale Deep Seating patio lounge chair. However, you don’t want the furniture on your patio to resemble your neighbor’s patio furniture or you want to show off your personal style. Either way, you don’t want your patio lounge chair to be all alone on the patio. Why not accessorize your patio lounge chair to make your patio more comfortable on those warm summer days? What if you’re not interested in impressing the neighbors, but you just want to make them envious? Create an oasis with your patio lounge chair as the star and accessories as the supporting cast.

Let’s start off with thinking about your favorite family members, your pets. Maybe your cat or dog likes to hang out with you on your patio. The 28-inch Small Pet Bed is a great idea. It has an aluminum frame and a cushion. If you have a larger pet, there is a bigger size pet bed available.

Maybe you like to keep your patio neat and tidy. Next to your patio lounge chair, you can choose to incorporate a coordinating garbage bin. You can also keep things tidy by placing a large cushion box across from your patio lounge chair. The large cushion box is constructed with aluminum and is water resistant. If you want to upsize, there is an extra-large version of the cushion box.

Of course, you need a table by your side for your tablet or drinks. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a stylish outdoor coffee table, or a side table that coordinates perfectly with your lounge chair.

Since it’s a hide-a-way oasis, you might want to include some large plants around you for shade and privacy. A secluded atmosphere is always a great way to spend the day. We offer a variety of outdoor planters to choose from ranging from 13 to 19 inches. They all are made with the same durable materials as our luxury patio furniture.

Whether you are buying patio lounge chairs or already have one, consider the essential accessories for you patio. Start by contacting Cabana Coast or browse our website for the patio accessories you’ll want to mix or match with your patio lounge chairs.