Enhance Outdoor Space


Are you feeling unhappy with the way your patio or backyard looks? Do you want to improve it but don’t know how? We thought we could help by providing you with 7 ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space.

1. Use Your Space Effectively
Try to imagine your ideal outdoor space and make a list of everything you would like to see in it. Compare that list to what you already have in your outdoor space. See if you could incorporate some of the items from your first list into your outdoor space, whether it’s a patio umbrella for more shade or a dining table that can be enjoyed by friends and family.

2. Don’t Neglect the Surrounding Space
Sometimes the reason you are feeling down about your outdoor patio is not because of the patio itself but because of what surrounds it. Try adding flowers, planters, shrubs, trees, a new fence, or even a walkway to liven up your outdoor area.

3. Add Decorative Items
Decorative items are key when designing an outdoor area. We recommend adding throw pillows or poufs as these items may give your space just the makeover you were looking for. Throw pillows are available in multiple sizes including the longer bolster style while poufs come in square, circle, or bench size.

4. Add an Outdoor Kitchen
There is no doubt Summer is barbecue season. If you love eating outdoors, we suggest adding an outdoor kitchen to your space. If you already have a grill, add a counter top which can be used to prepare food and would provide some great outdoor storage. To complete the look try adding bar stools to go with your brand new bar and kitchen area.

5. Privacy is Key
Fences, hedges, pergolas, and umbrellas can help create a secluded spot for you and your guests. Some extra privacy will give you some distance from your neighbors and make your outdoor space feel like an oasis.

6. Shady Spots are Important Too
Although everyone loves the sun in the Summer, a little bit of shade will be useful especially during those hot and sunny days. Some shade options include large trees, retractable awnings, and patio umbrellas.

7. Add Some Lighting
Lighting is extremely important to an outdoor space as it gives you the option to use it not only during the day but at night as well. We suggest purchasing a fire pit that will not only provide light in the Summer but heat when it gets a bit chilly. String lights, candles, and outdoor light fixtures are also great options to lighten up your outdoor backyard or patio.

If you are looking to enhance your outdoor space with some of the above patio furniture ideas, shop CABANACOAST® today!