Do you love dining outside in the spring, summer, and fall? If so, check out our top 5 Tips for Dining Al Fresco below!

1. Create a Set-Up You Love
You never know when you may have some friends over for a dinner or a social gathering. This is why it is best to be prepared and create your perfect outdoor space before you have to entertain. Whether your want to create a formal dining area with a table and chairs or something a little more casual like a dining table and outdoor ottomans.  We also suggest using your menu and surroundings as decor. Fruit or dessert on decorative plates can make an eye-catching centerpiece whereas flowers from your garden can easily create a stunning display.

2. Make Sure to Include Lighting
Sometimes lighting can easily get overlooked when you are dining al fresco as you are more focused on the table and the food. However, it is best to take advantage of those warm summer nights and create some low lighting in your outdoor space. A fire pit is a great way to create soft lighting and some extra heat in your backyard or patio. If you are in a bit of a time crunch, add lots of candles or string lights to your outdoor space. Make sure to always have your fire pit ready to go, your string lights up, and candles on hand as you never know when you will need them.

3. Always Keep Supplies on Hand
If you have any type of outdoor storage, such as a wicker storage box, this could be a great place to keep items like blankets, a cutting board, utensils, and candles. Since you are always prepared, impromptu get-togethers can happen at a moment’s notice.

4. Choose Easy to Serve Foods
When dining al fresco it is crucial that you serve simple foods that have very little extra components. You want to make it easier on yourself so serving foods that are hand-held are ideal. Consider serving foods like chicken tenders or hummus and pita that are easy to eat. Do you have some extra meat or veggies lying around? Add some spices, fire up the grill and you are ready to go! The best part about barbecuing is that there is virtually no cleanup.

5. Get Those Pests Under Control
Mosquitoes and other bugs can spoil a party because all they want to do is bother your guests. We suggest lighting some citronella candles or tiki lights filled with citronella oil to ward off the bugs. Make sure to keep any food in covered containers and keep all your juices, sodas, and cocktail mixers closed and away.

If you are thinking of dining al fresco this season, head over to your local dealer and shop CABANACOAST® today