Some backyards look just like a little bit of paradise. So, how do you turn your backyard into a glamorous retreat?  Environmentally conscious patio furniture that is both stylish and comfortable is the key to comfortable outdoor living.  Individuals are now presented with choices and are asked to compare buying high-end furniture to the type of patio furniture you can buy in big-box retail stores – but what’s the difference?


Homeowners often put a significant amount of work and time into their patios, backyards, and outdoor gardens to keep them looking attractive.  Summertime is when they share these outdoor places with their family and friends for meals and conversation.  Beautiful outdoor furniture that goes with your backyard and fits your style and taste is an extension of the pride that you feel for your patio and garden.  Luxury patio furniture allows you to choose stylish pieces that fit your lifestyle perfectly, whether that style is contemporary or traditional, relaxed and fun, sophisticated and classy, or trendy and eye-catching.

Before purchasing patio furniture, carefully look at your space and decide how the patio furniture will be used.  You have a wide range of options when it comes to patio furniture, and your selection may include patio tables and chairs, sectionals, chaise lounges, bar stools, and garden benches.  When compared to the types of discount patio furniture available at your local big box retailer, designer patio furniture is available in a much wider range of styles, materials and is much more customizable to suit your needs.


A typical discount patio furniture set on an average back porch won’t last long if it is subjected to a high degree of use.  Most homeowners want to patio furniture that compliments their backyard style, but will also be safe for use and not appear worn in just a few weeks.  Unlike the furniture you might pick up at a big box store, quality patio furniture will include heavy-duty frames that don’t collapse or bend.  Well-made furniture will not have shifting parts that cause inadvertent folding or pinching.  The best patio furniture will not have protruding screws or bolts that clothing can catch on. Designer patio furniture takes all of these seemingly small details into consideration to create a highly durable, safe and attractive piece that you can enjoy for years to come.

Weather Resistant

When buying patio furniture, consider whether it will be exposed to extreme temperatures, water, snow, dust, sand, or humidity.  Luxury patio furniture is designed to be resistant to rust, peeling, and chipping.  At Cabana Coast, our high-end cast aluminum patio furniture is powder-coated and rust-resistant.  Our all-weather wicker can also be exposed to extreme weather conditions without obvious damage. Any fabrics and cushions designed for outdoor use should be UV protected and fade resistant.  Premium outdoor fabrics and cushions will continue to look great and feel soft and comfortable.

When comparing high-end patio furniture to furniture you can buy in big-box retail stores – what’s the difference?  Shop carefully as quality and price vary greatly.  Most homeowners are planning to use their outdoor patio furniture for years to come.  People often quote the adage, “you get what you pay for”, and this is definitely true for patio furniture.  With outdoor furniture, a higher price tag is often a useful indicator of quality.   At Cabana Coast, our stylish and durable patio furniture is built with marine grade stainless steel or durable aluminum frames.  Our finishes are varied and unique with fabrics designed to withstand the elements. Ready to move outdoors?  Check out our selection of designer patio furniture.