Patio for Change of Seasons

The change of seasons gives you multiple opportunities to decorate your outdoor space. Although it is always important to have your staple patio furniture pieces, there are a few things you can easily change during the different seasons. We have provided some tips that can help you design your outdoor space for summer, fall, winter, and spring.

Summer is peak patio season as it’s the time to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family while hosting barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. To help create shade in the summer, we suggest purchasing an umbrella or a cabana with a canopy. Both are great options that will not only provide some relief from the heat but also to add some privacy. If you are in a hot climate, selecting cushions that are lighter such as white or beige may help deflect the sun a bit. However brighter cushion colors like melon, hot pink, and blue are also good additions to outdoor patio furniture sets.

Fall brings the cooler temperatures and more subtle tones. Try adding light or dark browns, orange, or even rust color cushions to your outdoor space. Depending on your location, fall may be the ideal time to host outdoor gatherings as the weather is no longer unbearably hot. Even if you live in a cooler climate, fall can be the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your fire pit. Due to Halloween and Thanksgiving, fall is a time to celebrate these occasions by adding fun holiday outdoor decorations.

Wintertime brings the need for deep green, red, silver, and dark blue cushion colors. These colors will help celebrate the holidays during the winter as it will give it a festive feeling. Evergreen and pine cones can be used as centerpieces for a dining table, side table, or coffee table. Adding some string lights to your outdoor space will also give it that magical look. Your location can really determine how much time you spend outdoors. But even for a cold climate, hosting a winter outdoor gathering bundled up by a fire pit would be a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or evening.

Lastly, spring can be a great time to celebrate the warm weather outdoors. Adding pastel cushions and pillow colors like light green, soft yellow, soft pink, or a pastel floral pattern can really transform an outdoor space. Coordinate freshly picked flowers with your pastel-colored cushions and pillows to accentuate the feeling of spring.

If you would like to update your outdoor space for the change of seasons, shop CABANACOAST® today!