Deep Seating vs Sectionals

It can be challenging trying to decide between deep seating chairs, sofas, loveseats, or sectionals. But what is best for you? That is where we come in. By answering our questions below we promise you will be able to choose between deep seating or sectional patio furniture for your outdoor space.

1) Do you like to rearrange your furniture frequently?

If you answered yes then a sectional is probably not for you. Before you purchase a sectional you are provided with multiple piece options that can help you create different layouts with the right and left modules, slipper chairs, and corner seats. However once your sectional is picked and purchased there are not as many choices. With deep seating, you can change the location of your patio furniture to whatever fits your need for that day or event.

2) Do you like to mix and match fabric?

Again if you answered yes then you should select a deep seat chair, sofa, or loveseat. Typically when picking fabric for a sectional you want to pick one color or pattern, as it would look odd having the right module one color and the left module another. However, with deep seating patio furniture you can choose one fabric for a chair and another fabric for a loveseat.

3) Do you like to entertain a lot of guests?

If you answered yes then a sectional may be the way to go. Sectional patio furniture can easily fit many guests without having to worry about getting extra seating. Another benefit of sectionals is that everyone can sit together in one place.

4) Are you working with a smaller space?

If the answer is yes then it may be beneficial to go with deep seating chairs and a sofa or loveseat. These types of pieces can be used in smaller spaces and will end up making the space look larger. You also have the option of purchasing just the right amount of pieces for your space. However if you are looking to place your patio furniture in a corner of your outdoor space, sectionals do utilize corners much better than other pieces as there will be no wasted space.

5) Do you have a large backyard or patio area?

Lastly, if you answered yes we suggest purchasing a sectional as they are perfect for larger spaces. However to make a space really stand out we recommend using deep seating and a sectional together. When a sectional and deep seating is used in combination with ottomans and other outdoor pieces it will really make your patio pop.

If you are looking to purchase deep seating or sectional patio furniture shop CABANACOAST® today!