You’ve probably heard a lot about decorating patios, but what about decorating decks? There are a lot of deck decorating ideas that you can try this season to add functionality to your deck and make it a more useful and enjoyable space.

How about a large deck with multiple levels?

Treat the areas like different rooms of your home. Decorate one level like a bedroom or comfortable living space. Place a cast aluminum chaise lounge with a complementary cushion on your deck along with a comfy outdoor daybed. You can also include side tables, planters and garbage bins. Include dining area on one level and an entertainment area on another level for a multi-room approach.


Warmer months in Canada seem so short that you blink and they’re gone. So you want to spend as much time as you can outside. This involves placing the right type of seating on your deck: the comfortable kind! For instance, if you like more traditional décor, you may add a couple of stylish Verona or Arc lounge chairs on your deck. If you are the entertaining kind, invest in an outdoor sectional. You can place the pieces together or design them in any way you’d like.

What if your decorating ideas don’t involve couches or sectionals? Why not use benches instead? There are many types of benches you can choose. You can try a Verona Bench or an Estate Bench if you like a traditional look. If you like the look of wooden benches, then use the Viga Bench or a variety of other dining benches.

Adding Accessories to an Existing Deck

Maybe your deck decorating ideas don’t involve a total redecoration or buying new furniture. Decorate using accessories. Maybe you prefer a tea cart to have for serving guests. There are tea carts that have one, two or three shelves. You want some extra storage outside? Choose matching patio cushion storage boxes.

Planters are also a stylish way to accessorize.  Placing flowers, trees and shrubs around your deck will give your space a really relaxed atmosphere. If you are just looking for a place to put garbage, incorporate a garbage bin into your deck decorating ideas.

Deck decorating ideas may be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Just remember to have fun. For inspiration, contact Cabana Coast or browse our online catalogue.