When decorating your outside patio or deck area, you have a great range of choices in materials, fabrics, and colors. It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating for a large outside dining area, a small bar, or a cozy and relaxing lounging area there are choices and options available no matter what your purpose is. A popular choice in outdoor furniture is cast aluminum outdoor furniture. Aluminum is a sturdy and long lasting metal that is resistant to outside elements and also stylish and modern. With a wide range of fabric choices and cast aluminum outdoor furniture finishes, you can be sure to find furniture that matches your unique style and is an extension of your home’s decor.  

The Various Aluminum Finishes

Your cast aluminum outdoor furniture doesn’t have to have a plain metal finish. There is a wide variety of different finishes among Cabana Coast’s product line. Dove is a light grey-colored finish that works well with bright and vibrant colors. Dark Rum however, is the opposite a deep shade that can create contrast or set off deeper and richer colors. Mahogany is an interesting choice that allows your furniture to call to mind a warm wood grain finish. The Foster finish is a deep and darker shade of brown mixed with a lightier brown making it a perfect choice for darker fabric choices. There are also plain black or silver finishes available as well depending on the model line for those that favor the classics. The wide range of finishes also carries over to Cabana Coast’s dining tables as well.

The Many Fabric choices

When it comes to finishes there are other things to keep in mind. You want to make sure the finish you choose matches the fabric of your furniture. With a careful eye you can bring together a frame finish and color pattern for your cast aluminum outdoor furniture that is not only pleasing to the eye, in fashion, but also uniquely yours.

When it comes to color choices there are several to choose from. For those among us who like plain and basic designs you can get fabric in basic classic colors. These choices include blue, red, canvas, capri, yellow, black, taupe, beige, cocoa, green, pink, and many others.

If you’re not a fan of solids, stripes can offer an energetic and unique design choice. Earth tones can be blended together in blends of soft browns and light sands. For those favoring brighter colors stripe combinations can also include reds and subtle yellows. For those that dream of the ocean various blues can be used in a lovely oasis color pattern. Stone and slate stripe patterns are also available allowing for an understated but striking fabric choice.

For those of you that favor patterns and pictures over mere colors, you’re covered as well. You can get fabrics with striking circle patterns, bright flowers, tree patterns, and nature patterns that call to mind the various seasons and the colors that go along with them.

When Buying Your Furniture

You have several different choices of where to purchase your cast aluminum outdoor furniture from. Cabana Cost offers both modern and well-made cast aluminum outdoor furniture with a wide variety of choices in colors and fabrics. With ten years of experience in the industry and locations on both Canada and the United States, you can rest assured anything you buy from Cabana Coast will be well worth it. Call us today for further information about our cast aluminum outdoor furniture, or feel free to browse our product selection conveniently located on our website.