With summer around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about warm temperatures and the type of outdoor setting you want to create to enjoy those long sun-filled days and warm flower-scented evenings.  It’s time to look forward to sipping cool drinks while you relax with family and friends out on your own private deck.
customize-furniture The foundation of your personal back yard oasis is your patio furniture, around which you can sculpt the decor and landscape to express your unique taste and imagination.  To help you decide amongst the many combinations of style and finish for our quality patio furniture, Cabana Coast has introduced a new customization tool for our website.
Like our patio furniture, the web interface for this tool is simple, yet elegant.  Upon seeing the paintbrush symbol under an item’s image, you can utilize the customization options by clicking the image with your mouse.  One click takes you to a detailed page that has the customization menu on the right and an image of the item on the left.  The customization menu has three drop down lists to select from:

1. Option or Area
2. Type
3. Color

The Option or Area list allows you to pick what part of the item you want to customize; for example, on a patio furniture set you could pick only the Main Fabric to change color and not the pillows, or vice versa.  Or perhaps you want to change the Frame Finish to see what works best with the fabric colors and textures you have selected. This drop down list will change depending on what item you select and what options are currently available to customize for it.

The Type list gives you the option to select the type of Sunbrella fabric patterns you would like to see – solids, stripes, patterns, plaids – and the palette will reduce the display to show your selection.

As with the Type, the Color drop down list defaults to “All” and the entire color palette is visible below.  If you select a particular color, then the palette will only display Sunbrella fabric choices in that color range.

When you peruse the swatches, be sure to click on the page right or left arrows to see all the pages of selectable choices.  There are over 175 different colors and patterns to pick from, and as you select them, the image of the item on the left side of the screen will update to display your choice.  It is a wonderful way to experiment with creative ideas and see the results immediately on the furniture you are interested in.  You can keep changing components until you get the perfect combination to achieve your vision.

To see the patio furniture in more detail, you can either roll over the image with your mouse to zoom in on a section of it, or get a larger static image by clicking on it.

Using this online design approach will save the time it takes to visit showrooms, and you will be confident that you have made the best design choices for your patio furniture (without having to wait for it to be delivered).  You can also share your choices with your friends – just click the email icon to email your choices to whomever you choose.  Next to the email icon is the print icon for printing out the different combinations.   Links to all your favorite social media sites are included in a menu at the bottom – should you wish to share your creation to your online network.

Have fun creating your summer oasis and let your imagination soar!