Creating a Beautiful Patio Space

During Summer we all like to spend as much time as possible enjoying our beautiful patio furniture while reading a book or socializing with family and friends. You do not want to let one day of nice weather go to waste. Here are some tips on designing the perfect patio space.

Pops of Color

Whether its pillows, patio cushions, blankets, or freshly picked flowers, adding color can really brighten up a space. If you already have pillows and cushions and do not wish to purchase new ones, we recommend adding a colorful throw blanket to your patio furniture. This can also help keep guests warm during those chilly Summer nights. Beautiful blooms are also a simple addition but can make all the difference. They can brighten up an outdoor space especially if they are put in vases on side and coffee tables.

Opt for Privacy

Although not everyone prefers to have a completely private backyard, some privacy is beneficial when having outdoor gatherings.  Large trees, wooden fences, and big shrubs can really make your outdoor space feel secluded. However if your backyard does not already have these larger plants or you do not want to commit to such an addition, we suggest purchasing a patio umbrella to go with your outdoor furniture. A patio umbrella can not only provide more privacy for you and your guests but also can provide shade during hot Summer days.

Get Out of the Dark

There are many options when it comes to lighting your outdoor space, but it is very important that you do so. Many nights will be spent outdoors and adding a couple light fixtures can make it that much more enjoyable. One way to add light to your outdoor space would be to install a light fixture directly to an outside wall. However some easier DIY options would be to drape string lights across branches or add tea lights to mason jars to create a beautiful ambience. Lastly, a fire pit could be a great addition to not only provide light during outdoor gatherings but also warmth during cooler nights.

Don’t Forget the Landscape

Remember that wherever you place your patio furniture, you and your guests will be getting a view of the surrounding area. Make sure that you add some planters, smaller shrubs, and keep the grass or pool clean and tidy.

Anticipate for Extras

Different occasions may call for various numbers of people, making it important to prepare for the unexpected. This means that you should always have a few end tables and coffee tables, along with extra seating such as poufs or ottomans. The more places you have for people to sit and put their food and drinks, the better.

If you want your outdoor space to look amazing this summer shop CABANACOAST® by giving one of your local retailers a visit!