Choosing patio benches to form a sitting area for friends and family to enjoy during the warm months, starts with defining your personal style. Cabana Coast can help define your style by offering a stunning selection of patio benches for your garden parties.

Patio benches for small areas

Choose the area you find suits a sitting area and measure so you know how much room you have to work with. City dwellers may decide to create a sitting area covered by a terrace planted with vines and flowers. The cover offers more room for beautiful foliage and a cozy space that seems far removed from the busy city. A small, Monaco dining table with an Oasis bench fitted with comfortable cushions becomes a romantic evening getaway or a casual dining area when entertaining.

You will find a choice of sizes, 48”, 60” or 72”, for your new Oasis benches. Smaller patio areas can look luxurious and roomy with the smaller dining bench. And you will still have plenty of room for company.

If you have a large garden, or planning to add one, you can make a spacious sitting area with seasonal flowers layered to keep the color alive from spring through fall. A terrace with rose vines growing through the openings and an arbor entrance make your sitting area a private place for reading time or a welcoming space for guests.

Large gardens and patio seating ideas

If you have a larger space, try Verona benches with high backs and a low Fusion-dining bench for comfortable seating. Patio benches that seat two or three comfortably with wrought iron designs complement the latticework in your terraces. Gravel ground cover flanked with solar lights and a tall tree for shade makes this sitting area a favorite. Add a fire pit for comfort on chilly nights and take some romance outside.

Large garden areas with groupings of sitting areas can have different themes. Use irrigation to beautify a sitting area by laying gravel or rock in the irrigation trough. The function of the trough continues, while looking like a small creek meandering through your gardens.

With the right patio benches placed under shade trees or large umbrellas, your sitting area feels like a day in the forest. Thick greenery with dots of colorful flowers circling the area sets it apart from other garden spots.

Turn an open deck area with limited views into a partially secluded sitting area where the plants grow year around and you can escape the stresses of your day. Bring style to your sitting area with patio benches fitted with cushions and a couple of Chelsea dining benches for comfort. A fire pit for year around warmth and ambiance enhance large outdoor lounge chairs and a small dining table surrounded by matching chairs for cozy dining.

Your garden sitting area can make the city seem far away; a large yard feels cozy with a secluded sitting area by a babbling brook or behind lushly planted terraces. Turn your boring deck into a room of luxury and relaxation with thick cushioned patio benches and close friends. With CabanaCoast outdoor patio benches, you can bask in luxury indoors and outdoors. Call or go online to find the CabanaCoast patio benches that define your garden’s style.