Cabana Coast offers a complete selection of sectional furniture that enhances the creation of the ideal outdoor sofa for your space. There are a variety of combinations that you can use to generate amazing designs that will dress up your outdoor space in the most amazing way. The outdoor sofa is an essential element of the whole outdoor furniture concept. Unfortunately, a sofa doesn’t always come in the right size or shape to fit your space perfectly. Here are some ideas of how you can create the perfect outdoor sofa using Cabana Coast’s sectional furniture:

  • Corner Outdoor Sofa -You can use a corner module to start building your perfect outdoor corner sofa. By adding left and right modules, you can eventually have the perfect two-sided sofa for the ultimate outdoor experience. This L-shaped sofa is a great addition when you need to make the most of the space you have. You can add slipper modules to make your sofa longer on one or both sides. We offer many sectional sofa collections that can be configured in an L shape.
  • U-Shaped Outdoor Sofa – In a similar way, you can create a U-Shaped sofa that surrounds a coffee table from three sides. This is ideal when you have walls that stand in the way and you need to optimize your space. You need two corner modules and the required left, right, and slipper modules to create the U-Shape that you need for your outdoor sofa. The U-shape has the power to bring intimacy to outdoor spaces.
  • Curved Outdoor Sofa – There is nothing more beautiful than a semicircular outdoor sofa molding around a round coffee table. Cabana Coast presents the Chorus round sectional that includes a left curved module, right curved module, and slipper curved module. These beautiful outdoor furniture elements can be assembled together to produce a wonderful round outdoor sofa.
  • L-Shaped Outdoor Sofas – Our “L” shaped sectionals also come with Wedge Corner Sections that can also created Curved Outdoor Sofas. Our Collections with Wedge Corners include Nevada, Flight, Solano, and Chelsea. You can make it a slight curve with one wedge using a left or right module, or place multiple Wedges together to create any variation from a semi-circle to a full circle.
  • Haven Outdoor Sofa – The Haven sectional collection is again a unique line that presents some exclusive sectional left and right arm chaises that can be easily continued with slipper chairs, left and right modules and so one to create a truly original outdoor sofa with a chaise lounge-like left or right module. This arrangement looks great in spacious areas where the sofa can serve as a relaxation place or dining place.

You are only limited by your space and imagination when it comes to designing the ideal sofa using the Cabana Coast sectionals. Our patio sectional collection is impressive and offers really wonderful opportunities for great designs. Measure your space twice, make sketches, and create a custom outdoor sofa.