Sometimes designing your outdoor patio space is not quite as easy as it sounds. There are certain factors (including a lack of space!) that can definitely impact your dream patio renovation.

You may want to add furnishings like outdoor chairs and tables, but the issue might be not having enough room to fit in all the pieces that you want. If you’re faced with this predicament, it may be wise to consider making the most out of what you do have – vertical space. If you lack patio space, bar height furniture could be the answer for you. 

So, if you are looking to build up in lieu of spreading out, there are tons of great bar height patio furniture options out there to help you accessorize your patio. Traditional patio furniture typically includes seats and tables no taller than 30 inches. On the other hand, bar height patio furniture is available in heights up to 42 inches tall. Coordinating chairs and stools are available to complement your bar height patio tables, from simple, backless bar stools to chairs with full backs and armrests for complete comfort.

Bar height patio furniture lends itself to a more casual atmosphere, where you can relax, enjoy drinks poolside or a delicious meal with friends. Bar height furniture is less formal than standard height patio furniture, making it perfect for socializing. It can transform your outdoor space into a unique spot to spend the afternoon or evening. Plus, bar height tables and chairs allow you a wonderful view of your backyard, gardens or pool from your raised position. Bar height tables are especially suited to patios with walls or railings, as the increased height allows you to be seated above the railing to enjoy the view beyond.

By taking advantage of vertically designed furniture, you can utilize smaller spaces more efficiently, and create ample seating for guests. Whether your style preference is retro, modern or tropical, you can find the perfect bar height patio furniture to suit your taste. Browse our collection of outdoor patio bar furniture today to find your perfect patio set!