Backyard patios are always a favorite spot whether you are interested in relaxing with a good book and a refreshing drink, or you are entertaining a group of close friends during the warmer months. Create an outdoor oasis this season with these backyard patio ideas!

  • The right accessories can help you to create just the atmosphere you are looking for. Add unique planters filled with beautiful greenery or bright flowers, a cozy side table to display your favorite reading material or pottery, or a charming tea cart stocked with refreshing beverages to create your intended mood. Other backyard patio ideas include sculptures, framed art, and unique serving accessories.
  • When comfort is your goal, consider outdoor sectionals, couches and loveseats, or chaise loungers for a perfectly luxurious outdoor retreat. Purchase accent pillows and a blanket throw or two for added character.
  • Choose fabric colors and textures that compliment your own unique style. There are a number of fresh color combinations, creative designs, and extraordinary fabrics available these days, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your outdoor oasis.
  • Be sure to examine the shape and current design of your patio area and even take a few measurements when developing backyard patio ideas so that you can fill your outdoor retreat with furnishings that fit the area well. Although this might take a few extra minutes of your time, it can save you heartache (and a few hard earned dollars) in the future.
  • There is something about the sound of water cascading through stones that soothes and relaxes. Add water features like small fountains or patio water gardens to create a soothing atmosphere in your patio space. Look for those that are designed with a small recirculating pump for hours of peaceful enjoyment.
  • Enjoy those cooler evenings in your backyard oasis by adding natural heating elements to the area. A fire pit is a wonderful way to add some warmth when that cooler evening breeze threatens to invade your space. If a cozy fire pit doesn’t fit your style, you might consider an electric heat lamp for added warmth.
  • Consider planting shade trees, colorful flowers, or other greenery to add interest to your oasis all season long. If fragrance is of interest to you, consider plants like lavender or licorice-scented sprays of hyssop for a “scentsational” experience.
  • Bring personality to your oasis when the sun goes down with unique lighting fixtures. Create ambiance in your favorite seating area with lanterns or solar powered lighting that are energy efficient for a healthier environment.

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