Design isn’t just design anymore. These days the process of creating an inviting space goes by many names: there’s the art of balance brought to a room by feng shui, architectural elements that can be used as a blueprint, even the lines and angles of the furniture effect the final layout. A lot goes into the finished product, the overall look, but one thing dictates interior and exterior design more than any other: how the space will function. 

Centering on the Objective

From the size of the space to the furniture you use, a lot of attention is given to the flow of a space. Flow is important, but you should never lose sight of what the completed space will actually be used for. The objective is especially important to keep in mind when choosing an outdoor bistro set.

Gathering spaces work best when designed around a functional theme. This rule applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Entertaining takes on many different forms, so your outdoor bistro set should reflect the style of entertaining you are most comfortable with.

Here are four themed examples that also fit different entertainment personalities:

1. The casual chatter: Think coordinated separates. In a group setting, everyone’s social comfort level is different, take that into account without making it obvious. How? Select a smaller round table and four to six chairs that are easy to reconfigure. For instance, create symmetry by placing the chairs opposite from one another; making it easy to pull away from the group when necessary. Then again, if you meet regularly with the same group, it’s also easy to create a round table environment that includes everybody.

2. Winers & diners: Even outdoor meals take place in a central locale; keep things intimate, yet comfortable with a larger, longer table and straight-back chairs. Make sure to choose materials that will hold up to the elements. After dinner, bring out comfortable accessories like ottomans, so that your guests can put their feet up.

3. The luxurious loungers: Relaxation comes in many forms: gliders, deep seating, even the classic poolside lounger, but sometimes what you’re really looking for is an inviting upgrade. Forget the bare wooden or plastic frames; when you want to offer the lap of luxury, go with a sectional and over-sized ottoman. These pieces practically beg your guests to sit down and spread out. It’s an outdoor bistro set that feels like a sofa bed. To add an extra enticement, pile on some pillows that compliment your fabric choice.

4. The conversationally-inclined: Unlike the casual chatter, these guests are looking for space to mingle in. You can give them the social setting they desire by offering several seating areas and providing strategically-placed end tables for drinks and appetizers. Be sure to include some love seats and outdoor sectionals, so guests can steal away for a private moment or two.

Of course, there are more than just four entertaining personalities out there.  Match your theme to the primary function of your outdoor space and your personality will shine through.

Don’t know where to start? Get inspired with online design tips and tools. A little guidance is all it takes, and before long, the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of will come together before your well-trained and delighted eyes.

Whether you are buying a full bistro set, or you already have one and just need some accessories to complete the look, consider the central theme when selecting pieces for you patio. Start by contacting Cabana Coast or browse our website for the patio accessories you’ll want to mix or match with your bistro set of choice.