Hiding that ketchup stain by flipping the outdoor cushion? Dirt, spills and stains are inevitable. Your patio furniture is exposed to environmental elements and will always require the proper care and high maintenance. We share some tips to help maintain your precious patio furniture looking at their best.

High Quality Fabric

Owning a high quality fabric, like Sunbrella® , are known to be fade-resistant and maintain its appearance for many years. Investing in a high quality outdoor fabric is easy to care for and helps you as a buyer to be worry-free. Also using quality outdoor covers protect your outdoor fabric from fading, moisture and dust.

Dust It Off

Use a damp white towel or a soft brush to dust off loose dirt at least once a week. It’s a gentle cleaning method without ruining the material and colour of your outdoor cushions. If you are removing a stain, use a mild detergent and refer to a stain removal guide before embarking on cleaning the outdoor fabric.

Wash and Dry

Most outdoor fabric casings are removable, which makes the outdoor fabric easier to clean. Wash the outdoor cushion casings in cold water and always dry flat. Tumble drying is not advised as it may cause shrinking to the material. The wrinkles of the outdoor fabric will smooth out when wrapped and zipped around the outdoor cushion. Use a mild detergent and carefully read the detergent guide before applying anything on the outdoor fabric.

Power Wash

Do a little research finding the right detergent for your outdoor cushion. Follow the steps of the detergent guide and power spray the outdoor cushions thoroughly to knock out the dirt and cleaning solution. Keep the outdoor cushions standing up on the edge to dry.


As much as we’d like to think that our pets don’t jump on the patio furniture, they take advantage while we’re not home. Eliminating pet fur can be tough and stubborn to get rid of as the strands seep through the outdoor fabric fibers. Lint rollers don’t always work best. The most effective way to remove fur is to vacuum the outdoor cushions. Vacuuming should be a regular maintenance of your outdoor cushions.

Keep Them Inside

During unfriendly patio seasons, bring your patio furniture in or at least your outdoor cushions as a patio furniture cover may not be enough during snowy days. Storing your patio furniture under a covered, dry space will lengthen the shape and appearance of the outdoor cushions, and protects your patio furniture from mildew and molds. If you do not have room to store your outdoor furniture, try stacking your patio furniture neatly.