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Choosing the perfect patio furniture set can seem like a very daunting task. There are so many colors, styles, materials, designs, prices, and brands. But do not fear we are here to help! We have compiled a list of helpful tips to make the task of choosing patio furniture a breeze.

1. Create a List

This may be the most important step as it helps you start the process and narrow down the type of outdoor furniture you would like to purchase. When making a list, you should consider what type of gatherings you plan to have in your space on a regular basis. By jotting down what you expect to do in your outdoor area, you will then be able to pick patio furniture that best fits your lifestyle.

2. Check the Details

When you are researching possible patio furniture options make sure you check the details of the products. You want to purchase material that will be durable, weather resistant, UV resistant, and resistant to mold growth.

3. Test it Out

Since your outdoor patio furniture may be used just as much as your indoor furniture in the Summer, it is important to get furniture that not only has a modern and stylish design but is also comfortable to sit in. We recommend going to a patio furniture store and trying it out.

4 . Invest in Quality

Although patio furniture can be expensive, it is well worth it as spending a bit more money can get you much better quality. This higher quality will have your patio furniture lasting for years to come, in the end saving you from replacing it every year.

5. Flexibility is Key

It is important to make your space as flexible as possible because you never know what type of gathering you may want to hold and how many people will attend. In addition to your patio furniture set, one should consider adding items like poufs, that can not only look great but can be used for extra seating, or tea carts that are extremely functional as they can be used to bring food in and out of the patio area.

6. Be Shade Conscious

Although some backyards and outdoor spaces are shadier than others, you should always remember that during the heart of the Summer it can become extremely hot. An umbrella can provide some much needed relief during those sizzling hot days and trust us your guests will thank you!

Follow these tips and you will make the right decision when purchasing an outdoor patio set. If you need some extra help or advice, contact CabanaCoast® or visit one of your local dealers today!